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Big Bang Theory
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Big Bang Theory

The Scientific View of Creation

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Many people believe that the universe was created by some higher being. Others, however, prefer to take the more scientific route. They rely on science and knowledge instead of taking it on faith. Scientists are able to explain how the universe was created from all the way back to 10-43 seconds. The only thing they really cant explain is what caused the initial bang that sent the universe out to become what it is today.

Fifteen billion years ago, the entirety of our universe was compressed into one atomic nucleus. Known as a singularity, this is the instant before creation, when space and time did not exist. An explosion trillions of degrees in temperature that was infinitely dense created not only matter and energy, but space and time itself. Cosmologists have been able to completely reconstruct the chronology of events we refer to now as the big bang.

Quantum theory proposes that just moments after the explosion, at 10-43second, the four forces of nature - strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravity - were combined as a single "super force. The density of our universe in its first moment of life is predicted to have been 1094g/cm3.

During this creation of particles, the universe was expanding at a rate many times that of the speed of light. Known as the inflationary epoch, the universe, in less than one thousandth of a second, doubled in size over one hundred times. It grew from merely an atomic nucleus to 1035 meters in width.

For the next 300,000 years the universe began to expand and cool to a temperature of 10,000K. This allowed helium nuclei to absorb free-floating electrons and form helium atoms. Simultaneously, hydrogen atoms were bonding together and forming lithium. This is when the density of the universe expanded to the point where light can be seen. Up until this point, light in the form of photons was trapped within matter.

The Big Bang model attempts to explain the origin and structure of the universe. Many cosmologists have used a deductive approach in solving this, the greatest question in the history of science. The findings and observations of scholars have led them to draw the conclusions they have arrived at. Every prediction that quantum physics and relativity have made regarding the origin of the universe have either been confirmed or not proven to be false. This is why we have arrived at this model, believing that our understanding of science can correctly predict the birth of our universe,15 billion years ago.


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